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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Helper Girl

E(3) loves to help clean!  She especially loves sweeping with this push broom that is the perfect size for her.  She was proud to help us clean the garage which we are working to turn into a messy art and science space for the girls.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Trying to get back to blogging...

I was finally motivated to get back to blogging when the blogging app on my iphone stopped working.  I downloaded a new app and thought it was working until several people commented that the pics were too large.  Now I'm back to old-fashioned blogging from a laptop using pics from my dropshots account.  *sigh*  

Aaaaand it's not working again.  surprise, surprise.  The pics won't show up from dropshots, and this laptop is slowwwwww.  Maybe this is a sign that I need to turn the computer off, drink a Bloody Mary, and read a book.  another *sigh*

Thursday, July 4, 2013

What We've Been Up To...

Sorry for the long absence from this blog.  We've had a busy and wonderful summer so far!

We took a train to New York City.

We saw the Statue of Liberty, shopped and ate lunch at the American Girl doll store, went up to the 102nd floor on the Empire State Building, danced on the keyboard at FAO Schwarz, climbed rocks and played checkers in Central Park, visited the Guggenheim, and saw The Lion King...phew!  It was a busy week!
The girls loved jumping on the hotel room beds while pretending they were Supergirl!

We came home and have spent as many days as possible playing on our tiny beach, swimming, and kayaking.
We've gone on kayaking trips around small islands.
O(6) has done about a million handstands and flips in the lake...she said her goal is to do 100 underwater flips per week.  I'm fairly certain she's surpassed that goal every week so far.
O(6)'s reading ability has improved dramatically, and she's reading chapter books now! (Although she's not always happy about it).

O(6) has gotten really good at kayaking by herself, and she's venturing off further and further on her own.
They love it when their daddy is home to swim with them and throw them in the air!
We've visited our local zoo several times, an O always climbs the rock wall.  One time she climbed it 5 times within about 15 minutes!
We've visited our local museum and had a fantastic time!
We spend the mornings outside and have an hour or 2 of school in the late afternoons.  School is going better than it ever has before.  E(3) requested a reading lesson for the first time in months, and we had a great time doing if!   We've done lots of science experiments and lots of art projects that I hope to eventually post about.  I hope you are having a great summer too!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Discrete Schooling

The girls are often doing schoolwork, and they don't even know it!

They love playing with paper dolls, and since we are studying Josephina (American Girl) this month, they had fun playing with their Josephina paper dolls while listening to a Josephina audio book on the ipad (via Tales 2 Go).

They LOVE to catch caterpillars to observe in this habitat.  They name all of their caterpillars either Katie or Lily, and whenever they spot a new caterpillar, they shriek with excitement "There's Katie!"

We learned so much during a recent visit to a local botanical garden.  The girls loved this living wall.

We had fun interpreting this art at a recent art festival.  I loved hearing their impressions of what they saw.
O(6) had fun practicing shooting her bow and arrow while building the skills of concentration, focusing, and attention to detail (among many others!).

We have 2 tadpoles that we observe daily.  We've loved watching them grow and setting up their habitat.  We were excited to discover 2 tiny snails in the habitat, which is perfect since we are studying mollusks in science!!!

We love playing with the magna-tiles!  They built a cathedral complete with an attached graveyard.  We've been studying lines of symmetry in math, and magna-tiles are great for illustrating this concept!

O(6) has finally admitted that she loves to kayak!  This makes me SO happy since I LOVE to kayak, and I've been trying to get her to love it for years :)  When we are kayaking, we have fun looking for egrets, turtles, blue herons, and fish.  We also go out to the middle of the lake and sit completely still and silent to practice making silence and absorbing the peace of nature around us.  O has gained so much confidence and seems so joyful as she kayaks around the lake. 
Most of our schooling is discrete schooling with only about an hour or 2 of formal lessons each day (for O).  Fun times at Lakeside Homeschool!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cheerios Books!!!

You can find these wonderful bilingual books (English/Spanish) in boxes of whole grain Cheerios now! We love Cheerios (obviously!), and I always stock up when they offer books in the boxes of cereal.

We love all 3 of those books, but Where Is Home, Little Pip? was our favorite. E(3) was so engrossed in this book that she clasped her hands together and tears came to her eyes as I read the book. I rubbed her back and assured her that everything would be ok, and her face glowed with joy when we finally got to the happy ending.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Magna-tiles + light box = fun!!!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun with a Printer's Drawer

A vintage printer's drawer might seem like an unusual Christmas gift for a 3 year old, but it was perfect for our sweet E!!!! She loves to set up and arrange her vast collection of toob figures on the small shelves.
This simple and fun activity keeps her busy for hours, and I love to listen to her "talk" her figures. She usually likes to play in this space by herself, but sometimes she'll let me join her, so I can have some fun, too!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Orleans with Kids

We had a fantastic time on our recent road trip to New Orleans.  It took us 2 days to get there, and the girls were great travelers (thank goodness)!  O(6) studied this map as we traveled. She learned the location of many states, and she was especially excited to learn how to spell Mississippi!
On our first day of vacation, we went on a tour of a Creole Plantation (Laura Plantation).  The girls were enthralled and listened intently throughout the tour.

O(6) dug into the crawfish that we had for lunch, but E(3) was a little more hesitant.  Later in the week I bribed them (with chocolate) to try fried alligator, and they loved it.

We went to City Park several times, and the girls loved it every time.

O(6) drew a picture after our trip to see a graveyard.  The girls thought the raised gravestones were very interesting.

Riding on a steamboat on the Mississippi River was a HUGE hit with the girls! They loved watching the paddle wheel and touring the engine room.

Since these girls are obsessed with history, they were super excited to sit next this statue of an "old time" lady in the French Quarter.

Both girls were so excited to choose special Mardi Gras masks!  We read the American Girl Marie-Grace and Cecile books while we were in New Orleans, and the girls are excited about having a MG and Cecile Mardi Gras party now that we have finished the series of books!

The girls played with their Marie-Grace and Cecile paper dolls every afternoon in our hotel room.

O(6) told us that it was her dream to walk through revolving doors, so we stopped and went into this fancy hotel.  The girls were SO excited.  I love that such simple things make them so happy!

Back to City Park!  The girls had fun climbing the trees...

And running, dancing, and playing in this memorial.

The girls were SO excited when this ice-cream truck came by when we were playing on the playground.  They've never seen an ice-cream truck before, so this was a special treat!

The girls were excited to ride a streetcar on Canal Street!

We loved walking around the French Quarter and Jackson Square.  We watched a fun magic show!

The girls threw coins in the fountain and made wishes in front of St. Louis Cathedral.

They were excited to take money to the street musicians in front of St. Louis Cathedral.
When we asked the girls what their favorite part of the trip was, they said that swimming in the hotel pool was the best!  I'm not surprised!  The hotel pool is the best part of most of our trips :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To Quit or Not...

I just can't decide if I want to continue this blog or not.  A huge part of me wants to stop blogging here, but I think that I'll regret it eventually.  Hmmm.  Thinking and wondering if continuing is worth the effort.  The huge amount of spam comments are pushing me towards saying forget it, but Mr. Ed really wants me to keep it going :)  So, we'll see...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blog Break

Since it's been a busy bloggy month, I've decided to take a few days off from posting.   Also, I left my camera at my mom's house, so I don't have access to any pics from the last week :)   Have a Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Despite my uneasiness about shots, next year we will all get flu shots.  On Monday, I saw homeschooling as a perk since E(3) had the flu, and O was able to "go" to school without me having to get E up and out of the house.  Today it is not seeming like that much of a perk, since I'm the one who woke up sick.  Now we'll see if school will happen when mama has the flu...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Apologies...

for the serious lack of updating to this blog lately!  I just can't seem to find the time or motivation to keep it up.  We've been super busy planning for and hosting E's 3rd bday party (which was this past Saturday), and since then we've been recovering and schooling.  Busy days!  I have lots of half written posts, and I'll try to finish one to post soon...  Also, I'm WAY behind on email, so please be patient!  Thanks!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glow Stick Ring Toss

We had SO much fun playing glow stick ring toss when we were vacationing at the beach.  We had glow stick night, and I handed out several packs of glow sticks to the girls.  They had glow stick bracelets, necklaces, and glasses...SO much fun!   To play ring toss, I stuck one of the glow sticks in between 2 boards in the deck, and then we threw (or tried to) the necklaces onto the stick.  This was even more fun than I anticipated!

O(6) was excited to make glow stick Olympic rings!

After we played ring toss, we took a glow stick walk on the beach to find ghost crabs!

The idea to play glow stick ring toss came from this blog via Pinterest.