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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chocolate Playdough

I 1st saw a recipe for chocolate playdough on The Crafty Crow (I think) around Christmastime, and I knew it was something we'd have to try! I was glad for the reminder and the recipe on My Montessori Journey recently. I was also VERY glad that Guh-guh was excited to make the playdough with O. They had a great time, and since chocolate is one of O's (and Guh-guh's!) favorite things, this was the perfect activity for her (them)!

Mixing up the playdough

Spreading out the dough to make chocolate cookies. Yummy! Although O told me later that she tasted the playdough, and it REALLY wasn't yummy :)

Here's the recipe:
Chocolate Playdoh Recipe

Mix together:

1 1/4 cup flour

1/2 cup cocoa

1/2 cup salt

2 tsp. cream of tartar

Make sure you combine these ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed together. Then add 1 1/2 T. cooking oil and 1 cup boiling water. Mix and knead until you have a nice smooth ball of dough.

My mom really preferred this method of making playdough over the cooking method. She said it's much easier! Thanks, Laura!


  1. I've used the cooked dough kind with great success....I think any kind of dough is great fun and we love it too!!!

  2. Hi, I love your blog! I get such wonderful ideas and inspiration from you site. I tagged you on my blog for a Sisterhood Award.

  3. Sounds like fun to make, even if it isnt' great to eat. It must smell good though?!

    What brand and where did you get the great blue bin with handle that's on her table?

  4. My kids would love this idea. I may have to try it.

    I'm amazed you are able to keep up with your blog when I know you feel so awful. I've not kept up with mine very well and I'm feeling better. You're doing an amazing job! Hang in there!

  5. Great recipe! Now I'm wondering if unsweetened Kool-Aid in most any flavor could be substituted for the cocoa--to make fruity play dough?!?

    BTW, what is the shelf life on homemade dough?

  6. MOM M.E.d ~ We use a koolaide mix all the time for playdoh, works great! I have a recipe on my blog, or just mix it in with your dry before you add your liquids.

    Melissa, I made this chocolate playdoh a while back and my kids like it haha. Although it does kind of look like something you shouldn't be playing with ;)!!

  7. Ooh, what a great idea! I hope I remember to try this out in a few years!

  8. Lisa- I bought the blue bin from the thrift store, but it originally came from Dollar General.

    Mom M.ed.- We haven't used kool-aid mix, but it's a great idea! We have pumpkin pie playdough from Halloween that O and my niece still play with. I've been amazed by how long it has lasted!

  9. it sure looks yummy though! we might have to make it sometime i gave up chocolate for lent so i might not want to make it now and smell the lovely chocolate smell! :)

  10. We made it today after Ella's nap and she loved it : ) I liked the consistency and smell better than playdough, and she played with it a lot longer. We rolled it out on placemats and used cookie cutters. Then she put the cookies on a tray and cooked them in her oven! She then shared some with me and her baby : ) Thanks for the idea for a fun afternoon!


  11. I have featured you on my blog once again! I just love your ideas.. I am always collecting such cute lil tidbits from all sorts of blogs, and I just wanted to let you know, that I have a button {if you'd like} to put on your sidebar. Saying you were featured over at the Social Butterfly. I will post it here, but it might not work, if not.. Please do not hesitate to visit my blog and snag my featured button! and keep doing whatyou do best, cuz i love it!