Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun with Magnets

The girls and I have been experimenting with magnets for the last couple of weeks. We jumpstarted our exploration of magnets by reading Mickey's Magnet. (the paper on the side is hiding identifying information...this is an old library book that was thrown out and the name of the library is written on the cover).

Mickey's Magnet is about a boy who drops a box of pins, and his father shows him how to pick them up with a magnet. He learns why some things are magnetic and some are not. He also learns how to magnetize objects. The girls love this book!

One of our first magnetic activities was a magnetic treasure hunt. I hid a bunch of objects in rice, and they used our magic magnetic wand to find them. They both LOVED this!

We took turns magnetizing safety pins. We then used them to pick up tiny nails. (I was watching E(1) closely, and she made no attempts to eat any of these objects...thank goodness!)

After we magnetized the safety pins, we put a magnetic "rock" in a pitcher of water. I showed them how we could move the rock around in the water using the magic magnetic wand. They were amazed and then excited to have a turn. We spent a long time experimenting with this. We couldn't get the rock over the edges of the pitcher, so we had to reach in and grab it. They thought that was great, too, though :)

The book and our magic magnetic wand are now on our science shelf awaiting more explorations and fun!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Painting Her Dream

E(1) woke up last Wednesday morning at 5am talking about a lion. She talked and talked and talked. I told her it was just a dream, and she went back to sleep. Meanwhile, I got up to go to work (at 5:45am), and my mom said E woke up at 8:30 still talking about lions.

They read books about lions, and E found a lion puzzle piece and said "There's lion! It matches my dream!" She also insisted that she wanted to paint a lion on a canvas, so on Friday she painted her lion.

She was very intent and focused while painting. She knew exactly which colors she wanted to use, and she told us what she was painting as she did it. When she was painting with blue paint, she said "that's his eyes." When she was painting with orange paint, she said "that's tiger!" This girl amazes me every day!

This is her finished lion and tiger painting. I love it, and she is so proud!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Painting Birthday Party Wrapping Paper

The girls had a great time painting wrapping paper for a friend's birthday this weekend!

O(5) loves to cover herself in paint, so she was super excited to see the fingerpaints!

The birthday boy liked his unique wrapping paper, but the best part was the frozen look of indecision on his uncle's face when he was gathering all of the paper to throw it away. He didn't know whether to throw it away with the rest of the paper or save it, and O was watching his every move!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boat School

The girls and I have had fun having "boat school" this past week! I pack a bag of snacks, water bottles, and "school" activities, and we head to the boat for school. They LOVE this, and they'd rather do "boat school" than play on the beach!

E(1) LOVES to match, and she is constantly noticing things that match around her and exclaiming "they match!" I've set up several matching activities for her to feed into this new obsession :)

"They match!"

I was surprised by how well E(1) matched the phases of the moon. O(5) and I helped her a little bit, but she did most of it by herself.

While E matched, O practiced her handwriting.

Having "boat school" with my girls is one of the many reasons I want to homeschool...what can be better than spending your school day on a boat??? However, we have one more year before we are officially homeschooling. O begins school at her Montessori Preschool next week :(

Btw, the boat was beached, which is why the girls are not wearing life jackets. They ALWAYS wear their life jackets when we are out on the water.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Passports for the Cultural Exchange

When I was ordering items from the Oriental Trading Company for our cultural exchange packages, I came across these "My Passport" sticker books. I ordered a pack of them (less than 7 dollars for a pack of 12 passports!)to give the girls when I give them their "subscription" to monthly cultural packages.

These little sticker books will make the cultural exchange even more exciting! We've started compiling our packages, and I can't wait to finish them and send them out! What fun!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Seashell Fish Collage

The girls and I had fun making seashell fish collages while we were at the beach this summer. The girls excitedly filled a bucket with tiny shells while exclaiming "we hit the tiny shell jack pot!" When we got back to our beach house, I drew a fish with glue on a piece of cardboard (I spray painted the cardboard blue before our trip in anticipation of this project).

The girls had fun pouring the shells onto the glue fish.

We poured off the excess shells after the glue dried to make a fun fishy shell collage! The girls are very proud of their fish!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Word Treasure Hunt

O(5) has had a fantastic time finding and writing the words from 1+1+1=1's Read and Write the Room set.

I told her that she was going on a word treasure hunt, and she had to write each word as she found it. She loved hiding her eyes while I hid the words, and she loved for me to say "hot" or "cold" when she was close to or far away from the words.

She also loved writing on a clipboard!

What a fun way to motivate a child to practice their writing skills! Thanks, Carisa!

If you like paper dolls...

you can get a fantastic deal on mini-me paper dolls here. This offer ends tonight, so act quickly. I bought one of these paper dolls for my niece last Christmas, and it's just beautiful. O and E will both be getting Lily and Thistle Mini-Me paper dolls for Christmas along with a subscription to the outfit of the month club!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rubberbands on a Doorknob

Stretching rubberbands onto a doorknob was one of O(5)'s favorite activities when she was E(1)'s age, and now E loves it, too! I love to watch her work when she is so focused and determined!

I offered her a stool to stand on, but she was not interested in that at all :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Sand Candles

The girls, my mom, and I had fun making beach sand candles a few weeks ago.

First, we melted the wax on the stove. Then we went to the beach and dug holes for the sand molds. We used a Kleen Kanteen to make the right shape. We put the wick down in the hole, and I held it in place while my mom poured the hot wax into the hole.

We had to hold the wicks in place for a while until the wax hardened a little. We let O(5) one of the wicks after the wax cooled a little.

After about an hour or so, the girls dug the candles up from the beach. They were SO excited!

The girls were very pleased with the candles, but I was a little disappointed (but I didn't tell the kids that I was disappointed!). I was hoping that more sand would stick to the sides of the candles. Also, they are a little lopsided :) We plan to make crushed ice candles next!