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Monday, August 29, 2011

Painting Birthday Party Wrapping Paper

The girls had a great time painting wrapping paper for a friend's birthday this weekend!

O(5) loves to cover herself in paint, so she was super excited to see the fingerpaints!

The birthday boy liked his unique wrapping paper, but the best part was the frozen look of indecision on his uncle's face when he was gathering all of the paper to throw it away. He didn't know whether to throw it away with the rest of the paper or save it, and O was watching his every move!


  1. That's awesome! My husband and I have always used white wrapping paper and decorated it ourselves for any occasion. Now that my twins are 2 they are starting to participate in the decorating as well, but we've always used crayons. Might need to pull out the finger paints next time!

  2. Lol! We still have the paper.

  3. Hee,hee. You really don't have to save the paper :) I wish we had that moment on video.