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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boat School

The girls and I have had fun having "boat school" this past week! I pack a bag of snacks, water bottles, and "school" activities, and we head to the boat for school. They LOVE this, and they'd rather do "boat school" than play on the beach!

E(1) LOVES to match, and she is constantly noticing things that match around her and exclaiming "they match!" I've set up several matching activities for her to feed into this new obsession :)

"They match!"

I was surprised by how well E(1) matched the phases of the moon. O(5) and I helped her a little bit, but she did most of it by herself.

While E matched, O practiced her handwriting.

Having "boat school" with my girls is one of the many reasons I want to homeschool...what can be better than spending your school day on a boat??? However, we have one more year before we are officially homeschooling. O begins school at her Montessori Preschool next week :(

Btw, the boat was beached, which is why the girls are not wearing life jackets. They ALWAYS wear their life jackets when we are out on the water.


  1. I LOVE the phases the of moon matching game!! I am getting ready to study space with my 2nd grader and Kindergartner so this idea will be perfect for my 2 year old!! Thanks!

  2. The moon phases matching set came from Montessori Print Shop.

  3. Hi,
    I'm heading for a beach family vacay in a couple of days with kids. I vaguely remember a beach sand/spray pain activity you had. If i'm correct, can you direct me to the page/s for these activities? thanks!

  4. Fatima- Here is the link

  5. Your children are absolute geniuses haha! I love all the activities you do with them. Its just a shame my one isnt interest haha.

  6. I loved Montessori, but I love homeschooling even more. You have so much to look forward to!