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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Seashell Fish Collage

The girls and I had fun making seashell fish collages while we were at the beach this summer. The girls excitedly filled a bucket with tiny shells while exclaiming "we hit the tiny shell jack pot!" When we got back to our beach house, I drew a fish with glue on a piece of cardboard (I spray painted the cardboard blue before our trip in anticipation of this project).

The girls had fun pouring the shells onto the glue fish.

We poured off the excess shells after the glue dried to make a fun fishy shell collage! The girls are very proud of their fish!


  1. "We hit the jackpot" - I love it :-D This would be such a good sensory activity, I bet those tiny shells feel great. Definitely keeping this in mind once it get warm enough here for the beach.

  2. How fun is that. I must do this next time I get to the beach.

  3. That is so cute! We don't live near a beach. I wonder if they sell tiny shells...

    Vicky @

  4. This is amazing. Does your youngest also join in? I just tried something with my daughter where we collected leaves and flowers from the garden and got some paint and glue to stick to some paper. And she just wasnt interested really. She loved the painting but not the sticking things down.