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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Painting Her Dream

E(1) woke up last Wednesday morning at 5am talking about a lion. She talked and talked and talked. I told her it was just a dream, and she went back to sleep. Meanwhile, I got up to go to work (at 5:45am), and my mom said E woke up at 8:30 still talking about lions.

They read books about lions, and E found a lion puzzle piece and said "There's lion! It matches my dream!" She also insisted that she wanted to paint a lion on a canvas, so on Friday she painted her lion.

She was very intent and focused while painting. She knew exactly which colors she wanted to use, and she told us what she was painting as she did it. When she was painting with blue paint, she said "that's his eyes." When she was painting with orange paint, she said "that's tiger!" This girl amazes me every day!

This is her finished lion and tiger painting. I love it, and she is so proud!


  1. Very cool. It must have been a very impressionable dream!

  2. I've been following your blog for quite a time and been so in love with your cute girls. I also have a daughter, 18 month, but she hardly knows half of what E does :D Reading your blog gives me motivation to do more for my girl, thanks a lot!

    Oh... and I love E's lion!!! My girl refuses to touch paint these days as she claims them "dirty". Before that, she loved painting so much.