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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Telling Time Game

We had some rainy days while on vacation, and the girls and I spent this time playing on the porch. We painted with watercolors, played with playdough, read books, knitted with our looms, painted faces, played Memory, and played with these telling time cards.

This set includes analog and digital clocks to match, and they fit together like a puzzle which is a self-checking feature. The clocks show the time on the hour and half hour.

O(5) enjoyed setting up the cards, but she got upset when E(1) accidentally scattered a few. She wanted to quit, but I sat with her and we matched them together until we finished. Lately, she has been wanting to quit activities before she is finished, and while I don't want to force her to do "work", I also don't want her to be a quitter. It's hard to know (while in the midst of the situation) whether to insist that she finish what she started or whether to step back and just let her do her own thing. *sigh*


  1. Stopping before an activity is officially finished isn't 'being a quitter', it's 'having gotten what you needed out of it' ;)

    The girl that never finishes

  2. That is hard to know. Usually, with a little encouragement, I can manage to get mine to finish something they have started during a more casual playtime. When it comes to actual homeschool work though, I do require that they follow through unless I can tell the material really is too difficult.

  3. I would love to find this set, where did you get it? Thanks!

  4. I love this set for learning to tell time!

  5. Kim- I found it at Tuesday Morning for about 2 dollars! (I thought that was a great deal :)

  6. With Emily(4.5) I usually will encourage her to finish something, but if she really seems like she does not want to continue I will have her take a break from it. Then when she goes back to work on it she has more energy and works on the task with a fresh mind. It seems to work for us!