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Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day Sensory Box

I put together a simple Valentine's Day sensory box for E this morning.  It kept her occupied, so that I could attempt to organize my house (this is a monumental task, although I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel). 

I have realized again and again (I don't know why I keep forgetting this!) that simple is better, so I didn't put much in this box...dried pasta (I need to add another box), glittery heart stickers, a couple of cups, red monkey tongs, and a scoop.  E was really excited by her sensory box and sat right down to enjoy it.

I loved how she tried to put the pasta in the tongs!

After playing for several minutes, she seemed to be losing interest.  I suddenly realized what was missing...a container with a small opening for her to put the pasta in....she was thrilled when I gave her a baby bottle and demonstrated how to put the pasta in it.  She got right to work and was proud to fill it up and then shake the pasta back out again.

I plan to add another box or 2 of pasta and use this sensory box for several months.  I'll just take out the hearts and replace them with other seasonally appropriate items.

Edit to add:  E was never out of my sight while playing with this sensory box.  Please monitor your children carefully and do not give small items to children who put things into their mouths.


  1. Hi - Can you tell me how old E is? I love your creative ideas, with such simple things and have been using them to introduce new activities to my grandson who is now 15 months old. Thanks so much for sharing! Grandma Pat

  2. Can you also explain the blanket that the baby sits on in most of your pictures (I looked for it here, but it was absent!).

    I'm guessing here, but you may be able to find heart shaped pasta at Target these days. If not, maybe some wagon wheels would be a fun addition.

  3. E is 17 months old. She usually sits on a work rug when she does her various activities. Here is a link to a site that explains the work rug

  4. I could not get the link to work in one of the comments about the rug. However, I like to use a rug or blanket on the floor, it defines a safe work space for a child. Also, when I go into a home for a visit, it helps some parents not stress about a mess as it protects their space as well. Not everyone likes "open ended messiness" in their house. It makes clean up is easy.