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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Nature Bag

We have acres and acres of woods behind our house that are perfect for nature walks.  Now that weather is nicer, we're trying to take several "woods walks" a week. 

O and I painted a squirrel on a drawstring backpack (freezer paper stenciled) that we take with us on our walks.  We have several necessities in our bag...a magnifying glass, crayon rocks, a notebook, and a flashlight.  I intended for O to wear the bag, but it's too big for her.  Last time we took it with us, Elliott wore it (since I am usually wearing either the baby or O...yes, O still fits in the Beco and LOVES it!).

O sat down on a fallen tree to draw what she saw.

Sweet sisters

We have fun inspecting holes with flashlights and looking at fallen trees with a magnifying glass.  It's also fun to find odd trees in the woods.  O was thrilled to see this strange tree...she said it looks just like a climbing wall, and she immediately ran to climb it.

While we are in the woods, we are ALWAYS playing pretend...we are either characters from the Little House on the Prairie books or characters from the American Girl books.  Lately, we've had fun pretending to be the characters from Kaya's books.  Baby E LOVES Kaya and calls her "KyKy," so she was thrilled a few days ago when we were pretending that she was Kaya.  My mom gave O a miniature Kaya doll for Christmas which was the highlight of O's Christmas.  O recently gave the doll to E since E loves Kaya so much.  Her kindness and generosity floored me...I hope they will always love each other so much!


  1. Love her heart!!! Your girls are so sweet.

  2. I love your nature bag idea! You have the perfect environment for it! Thanks for the idea!

  3. That is an amazing tree. I have to agree with O that it does look like a climbing wall. I like the idea of bringing a flashlight even on daylight hikes.

  4. I'm so jealous of the woods behind your house! Looks like you guys had a great adventure.

  5. If you guys are ever in Minnesota, you should visit Kelly Farm. It's just like out of Little House on the Prairie. We went a few years ago and loved it! You can help with the chores (weeding, gathering eggs, etc). It's a lot of fun :)