Chasing Cheerios

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Healthy Lunches

Sorry for the lack of posts on this blog lately.  I guess you can tell that it has not been a priority lately.  I don't allow myself too much computer time (other than quickly checking fb on my phone...I don't blog while the kids are awake), and most of my computer time over the past few months has been monopolized by my online recertification class and making the yearbook for our local Montessori school.  Luckily, I'm finished with my class, and I'm almost finished with the yearbook, so I should be back to regular blogging soon :)

Since food posts are easy and quick (and generate a lot of emails and hits!), here you go!  On this day, we had grapes, scrambled eggs and broccoli, and raw carrots.  I LOVE raw carrots, and I'm actually a little obsessed with eating them (strange, I know).  The girls always tell me that my skin is turning orange because I eat too many carrots, and lately I have realized that they are right!!!
On this day, we had baked sweet potatoes, salad (with carrots, of course!), baked salmon, and oranges.  I try to feed the girls baked salmon every other week, and they eat oranges almost every day.

This was a Friday  movie night dinner!  We had pizza (Digorno's), raw carrots and pea pods, cucumbers, and hummus.


  1. Hee hee, I've accidentally hit publish a time or two.

  2. I end up updating a lot
    the food looks good