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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Insect Matching

I set up this insect matching activity for E(3) thinking she would really enjoy it since she loves insects, and she loves her toob figures.  I was wrong.  She doesn't care about this activity at all.  She is almost completely uninterested in choosing any of the work from her Montesssori shelves...she just can't be bothered with inside work when there  is so much to do outside :)

The insect cards came from Target.  We spread out the cards, and then E matched the figures to the cards.  We read information about the insects that is on the back of the cards.  O(6) really enjoyed learning more about the insects from the backs of the cards.
Both girls LOVE this book that we read shortly before we completed this activity.  We've all learned a lot about insects from this fun book, and E(3) asked if she can get waterbugs for her birthday after we read about female waterbugs cementing their eggs onto the male waterbugs backs.  She thought that was SO cool!  We went kayaking shortly after reading the book and completing the activity, and I had fun asking the girls questions from the book as we saw the various insects on the lake.  Fun times at Lakeside Homeschool!

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  1. How amazing that little girl passion!what kind of montessori activities do you have in her shelve and what do you use outdoors with her, are you planning to take her to a montessori school like you did with O?

    Beautiful Lakeside School :) I wish we can have the same weather, we are in northern Alberta and today still snowing :0(

  2. I'm not a big bug person, to girly. (lol)However, this looked liked such a fun learning activity I added the bugs to my wishlist. Thanks