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Monday, April 1, 2013

Caroline (American Girl) Day

The girls received the Caroline paper dolls and activity book in their "Caroline" (American Girl) fun pack.  We've really enjoyed reading the books, and after we finish each set of American Girl books, we have either a party or playdate to act out the characters.  We were excited that my niece was able to join us for our "Caroline Day!"

We had fun playing the board game that came with the set of Caroline books.
We had hoop races.  I won every time :)  It was very windy and cold, so we didn't do this for very long.

We had bean soup and cornbread for lunch.  We made butter to go with our cornbread, and it was delicious.
We went down to "Lake Ontario" to get water.

The girls dipped their feet in "Lake Ontario."  It was COLD, so we didn't stay out for long (this time last year we were already swimming...I don't like the weather this year!)
The girls had fun dressing up, and O(6) was especially excited to wear her new hoop skirt.  E(3) danced with her corn husk doll, and we attempted (without success) to make hankerchief dolls.  O(6) and E(3) recited poetry, and O wouldn't let me take pics since there were no camera phones in 1812 and she's a stickler about authenticity.  This was a fun day, and I can't wait for our Marie-Grace/Cecile party that is coming up soon (we had to postpone due to the terrible viruses that have struck the girls recently)!

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