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Monday, April 29, 2013

Discrete Schooling

The girls are often doing schoolwork, and they don't even know it!

They love playing with paper dolls, and since we are studying Josephina (American Girl) this month, they had fun playing with their Josephina paper dolls while listening to a Josephina audio book on the ipad (via Tales 2 Go).

They LOVE to catch caterpillars to observe in this habitat.  They name all of their caterpillars either Katie or Lily, and whenever they spot a new caterpillar, they shriek with excitement "There's Katie!"

We learned so much during a recent visit to a local botanical garden.  The girls loved this living wall.

We had fun interpreting this art at a recent art festival.  I loved hearing their impressions of what they saw.
O(6) had fun practicing shooting her bow and arrow while building the skills of concentration, focusing, and attention to detail (among many others!).

We have 2 tadpoles that we observe daily.  We've loved watching them grow and setting up their habitat.  We were excited to discover 2 tiny snails in the habitat, which is perfect since we are studying mollusks in science!!!

We love playing with the magna-tiles!  They built a cathedral complete with an attached graveyard.  We've been studying lines of symmetry in math, and magna-tiles are great for illustrating this concept!

O(6) has finally admitted that she loves to kayak!  This makes me SO happy since I LOVE to kayak, and I've been trying to get her to love it for years :)  When we are kayaking, we have fun looking for egrets, turtles, blue herons, and fish.  We also go out to the middle of the lake and sit completely still and silent to practice making silence and absorbing the peace of nature around us.  O has gained so much confidence and seems so joyful as she kayaks around the lake. 
Most of our schooling is discrete schooling with only about an hour or 2 of formal lessons each day (for O).  Fun times at Lakeside Homeschool!

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