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Monday, April 15, 2013

Nature Walk Bingo

I REALLY love taking walks with the girls.  Unfortunately, they usually don't want to go, so I have to make them.  Once we get going, they enjoy themselves, but it's hard to tear them away from their play that they are always so engaged in.

However, these Nature Walk Bingo cards motivated them to get moving, and we had a WONDERFUL walk today!  Both girls were much more focused on noticing their surroundings, and we saw so many things that we usually would have overlooked!

E(3) was reaching down to pick up this flower, when we noticed the bee in it.  We observed the bee for a few minutes before she picked up another flower.  She sniffed the flower and then had pollen on her nose for the next hour or so.
We were sad (but intrigued) to find this dead baby turtle.  The girls insisted that we take it home, so I carried it home on the leaf (I was a little squeamish about touching it, and it was covered in ants).  We buried it when we got home.  There is an ongoing discussion about whether or not we will eventually dig it up so that we can have the shell for our nature collection.
We saw this dead fish by a tree.  It was pretty far from the lake, so we are guessing that a bird accidentally dropped it there.

The girls LOVED walking through this field of thousands of tiny yellow flowers.  Their goal was to make it across the field without stepping on any flowers.

We stopped to touch the bark of trees along the way since their cards had "rough bark" and "smooth bark" listed as things to find.
The Nature Bingo cards came from Ladybug magazine.  You can find a printable black and white version here


  1. I love the idea of the bingo cards! We have a great nature center here and there are several different trails that you can follow around the pond - I would love to utilize these to bring a little more excitement into 'just taking a walk'! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this idea! My son is too young for this, but I am a third grade teacher and hope to be able to use it with my class one day! Thanks!

  3. It's great to see other parents take their children out to actively explore nature. I make a point of taking mine out to explore a new park or re-discover a favorite at least once or twice a week.

    Seeing the real world with their owns eyes, exploring different categories of things is so important at this age. I love the Bingo card, and will try it out for sure!