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Friday, January 15, 2010

Family Art Night

We're trying to have Family Art Night once a week (or every other week) and last Saturday was the night! I planned for us to cut paper snowflakes. I folded the paper for the snowflakes to simplify the process and had them in a basket on the table. However, O and Elliott had other plans :) O immediately asked if she could make whatever she wanted. Of course, I said yes. She had a great time cutting and tearing the leftover scraps of paper from the snowflakes. She mentioned that she was making a mask, and Elliott immediately began making a mask and was very involved in that. I finally convinced O to make a few cuts for a snowflake. She unfolded it and seemed quite proud. Then she started tearing it to make it even more original :) E sat in the table in the Bumbo and enjoyed watching all of the craziness. It was a fun night, and I'm looking forward to our next Family Art Night.


  1. Family night is awesome. We have a family night once a week. We usually play a game, bake, make a craft or visit someplace like a museum!
    Feel free to drop on by my blog for a visit!

  2. sounds fun! we have family night on Mondays (usually) and I need to start implementing a craft as well. thanks for the thought!

  3. What a nice idea, sounds like alot of fun. Thank you for the inspiration, I think maybe we will try something similar to that.
    Thanks you!

  4. Family art night - what a great idea!