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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mystery Bag

I introduced the Mystery Bag to E(1) this week. (The Mystery Bag is a bag full of well known objects...a ball, an elephant, a giraffe, an airplane, etc) I couldn't find the blindfold, so we put a silk over our heads while we reached into the bag to find objects.

After we find an object, we guess what it is before looking at it. We take turns taking objects out of the bag. This was a lot of fun!

A chicken!

A banana!

I'm looking forward to doing this activity with both of the girls.

I can't wait until summer (only 2 more weeks!) when I'll have both of my girls at home full-time. I'm planning to set up a Montessori shelf for O again, and she's been excitedly telling me which work she wants on it...knobbed cylinders, knobless cylinders, bead snake game, and a mama made version of the brown stair and pink tower.

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