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Friday, November 18, 2011

Mirror Polishing Work

Since O(5) LOVES the polishing works at school, I decided to set a few of them up at home for her and E(2) to do. E LOVES this work! She polished the mirror at least 15 times in a row when I first introduced the work to her!
First, spray the mirror with water.

Then, dry it with a little cloth. (we used tiny flannel wipes leftover from the girls' diaper days)

She also really loves to spray herself in the face with the water!


  1. My kids love "cleaning" things with spray bottles. I generally just give them a rag and a bottle of water and let them loose in my house - it's always cleaner (though wetter) when they're done!

    Miss Amanda @

  2. i'm so excited that someone else calls things "works" that I had to comment. I'm constantly trying to find new ways to describe what I call "works". i've resorted to "activity trays" but it doesn't convey the spirit of what i want to convey. thanks for a thoughtful blog and a thoughtful "work".