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Friday, September 27, 2013

Minn of the Mississippi

The girls and I are reading Minn of the Mississippi, which is about a turtle.  

After reading a chapter, we went kayaking on the lake to observe the turtles.
It was a windy day on the lake, and we didn't see as many turtles as we usually do, but we saw a few.

My favorite part of the morning was when we stopped to observe the Cypress People...we like to pretend that the Cypress knees are miniature people who come alive at night.  There are 2 guards in front of the biggest Cypress tree.
We also saw a grandpa reading to 4 children, a person curled up and sleeping, and a mother holding a baby with a teenager standing next to her.  It was so much fun to use our imaginations to see all of these nature made sculptures, and it reminded me of finding pictures in the clouds.  We had a beautiful and peaceful morning!




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  1. I love the way you take time to enjoy nature. These are wonderful memories you and your kids will treasure forever!