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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Get Set for School!

E(4) loves her Handwriting Without Tears Get Set For School book!!!  She usually does 2 pages per day, but she always wants to do more.

She loves to trace the letters in the book, and she enjoys making them with the wooden forms.  She also makes the letters with putty and writes them on the gel board.

E(4) has also chosen the sandpaper letters from her Montessori shelves a lot lately.  She says "I love sandpaper!"



  1. Very sweet pictures Melissa. We are gearing up for the school year as well. Feel free to stop by the Age of Montessori blog. Any advice or tips you may have would be welcome.

  2. Melissa - Absolutely LOVE your blog. Totally inspired to try the activities. I remember you mentioning in a post that you will post a reveal of your finished school room. Would love a post if the Lakeside school room is finished and you are ready. Eagerly waiting.
    Thanks in advance.