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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why We Homeschool....

People frequently ask why we homeschool, and the reasons are too numerous to list.  Occasionally, however, there will be a moment with our girls when I think "THIS. This moment is why we do this.  THIS makes it all worth it."  We had one of those moments yesterday...

A few days ago I told the girls that I was starting to plan for next school year, and I asked them what they would like to learn about.  They were both busy crafting and playing, and they shrugged and said "I don't know."   Yesterday, we were getting dressed to go to a play, and I asked them again what they'd like to study next year.  Evidently, they had been thinking about this...

O(7) said "I'd like to learn about my ancestors.  And I'd like to learn about the historical events that happened during my ancestors' lives."  Then I asked E(4) what she would like to learn in kindergarten.  She said "About molecules.  And the insides of plants."    

That was it.  The moment that it all made sense.  It's worth it.  My kids get to have input into their curriculum and study subjects that interest them.  Even more significant is that they (at ages 7 and 4) are able to articulate their interests so well.  They recognize the joy of learning, and they have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

So, I wanted to document and share this moment.  Many homeschooling days are tough, and I often question my abilities as a teacher to my amazing and brilliant girls, but now I'll have this post that I can come back to and re-read on those tough days :)


  1. I love this…thank you for sharing. But, as a personal request…I'd like to hear about the tough days, too. It becomes overwhelming to always read how awesome it is to home-school, and think I'm the only one with tough days, imagining everyone else "loving it," and I'm somehow the only one who's not loving it all the time…and wistfully dreaming of that time alone. :)

  2. I love this. I'm a Montessori teacher and soon-to-be mom and homeschooling is something that I definitely would want to do when my and my baby's turn comes. I think this is a post I'd go back to, too, when I'd have days when I'd doubt myself if I can do it. Thank you for sharing.

    Mars M.

  3. This was a beautiful moment...made me tear up! I love your girls and find you a great inspiration. Why did I move back home? :)

  4. and its all worth it!
    I love to know how is the routine,
    how to deal when they are not interested in doing some of the activities
    What kind of curriculum your doing with the little one in regards to lengh and how deep do you go on information?

  5. I've been thinking of sending my LO (3.5) to school instead of homeschooling lately and I was reinspired by this post to try homeschooling a bit longer. Thank you.