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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Back to Blogging...

Thanks for all of the kind and supportive emails in response to my last post. It looks like I'm going to be blogging again! Since its been a few (or 5) years, I'll re-introduce myself... My name is Melissa and I'm married with 3 daughters. I'm a former School Psychologist. After working in the public school system for 16+ years, I realized that I needed a break. So, for the last 4 years I've been exclusively homeschooling rather than trying to juggle working part-time as a School Psychologist while homeschooling. The relief of this decision was immense, but I did and still do miss all of my work friends. This year we have a 10th grader, a 7th grader, and a kindergartener, and we are very busy!!! I've always been adamant against overscheduling the girls, but that has not been the case this year, and it is exhausting. I've also always been scared of homeschooling high school, but it turns out that homeschooling high school is the easiest level to homeschool so far. This could always change, of course, but O is motivated to get her work done and needs very little help. There are some subjects that we do all together, but she prefers to work on her own. We've also joined a new co-op this year that all of my girls are loving and I am enjoying teaching classes. As I get back into the blogging routine, I'll highlight more of the specific curricula and projects we are doing to make school and life fun!

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