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Monday, January 5, 2009

Bye-Bye Gingerbread House!

O and I destroyed our gingerbread house today! 1st we attempted to remove the candy (this was NOT easy) since we didn't think the candy would be good for the wildlife. Then we hammered and broke the house with our hands.

After the house was broken into bits, O threw pieces to the ducks and squirrels.

This was lots of fun! O kept running from the picnic table to the lake to get pieces of the house for the ducks. It was really funny because she only got one piece at a time. She must have made at least 10 trips!

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  1. Very cute. We made a gingerbread house this year too but never got around to eating it, which is more than fine with all the other junk we ate over the holidays. However we did take a note from your book and bought gingerbread houses, trees, jingle bells, and other fun Christmas crafts on sale 50%. Great idea. They're all boxed up and ready for next year.