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Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Half Birthday, Miss O!

We had fun celebrating O's half birthday on Friday! I can't believe that my baby is 2 and a half! On Thursday O and Guh-guh made whole grain banana and walnut waffles, so for her half birthday breakfast she had 2 and a half waffles with 2 and a half candles. We sang "Happy Half Birthday" to her :) She had 2 and a half balloons, and she was wearing her #2 shirt. She was so excited to wear her birthday crown and that we wore birthday hats. She was also thrilled that I hung the Happy Birthday banner.

After breakfast O went to her art shelf to write a note. The note says "O, We love you. Love, Mama and Daddy"

Elliott joined in on the fun Friday night by bringing home a tiny cake and book for O. She was thrilled with another celebration! What a fun day!


  1. I LOVE it!!
    What a great idea.
    We will have one in a few days too!!!

    Amazing how fast it has gone by us.

  2. What fun! Does O like to blow candles every time you bake a cake? It seems like it is a two year old pastime :)

  3. O must share my birthday, since Friday was my half birthday also :) I celebrated by making cinnamon bread for everyone - my kids LOVE cinnamon bread.

  4. I did not think of celebrating a half birthday, I will next year! My son was 2 1/2 on Dec 18, so he & O are very close in age. Happy 1/2 Birthday, O!

  5. I love half-birthdays! A whole year is too long to wait to be celebrated!

  6. Happy half birthday O!
    I have *always* celebrated my own half birthday - being born on December 20th, so close to Christmas. We call it your *Snufflufagus* birthday (after Mr Snuffleupagas from Sesame street who always celebrated his half birthday & yes, I know I say it wrong- that's just I always have called him & only recently found out it wasn't right ;). It's also the Equinox *and* my husband, T, happens to be a day younger than me (being born Dec. 21 and that's also Lovely's birthday!) so there is a lot of celebrating to be done each June. Hug (my biggest boy) is born on the Solstice (September 23) so his Snufflufagus' are cool too. Phew! Lovin' to see you guys are into it too. I actually also get a little excited when it's my "Month-alufagus" (ie. every month on the 2oth. Call me crazy!