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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Letter C Activities

E(2) received a Letter "C" Fun Pack a few weeks ago with crayons, "C" printables, cat stickers, and a cat puppet kit. We've had lots of fun doing "C" activities ever since...

Painting a "C" printable with her dot painters.

Playing with Clay. This was SO much fun!

They rode a cow train.

We looked at cotton in a cotton field.

We made a cat puppet.

E(2) is VERY proud of her cat!

E enjoyed finding C objects in the corn sensory bowl.

Playing with the clock puzzle was so much fun!

A yummy sandwich cat for lunch!

So much fun playing with cows and cats.

Matching cloud cards (from Montessori Print Shop). I love to hear sweet little E say words like "lenticular" and "stratocumulus." So, so cute!

Coloring a C printable.

Playing Candyland! This was tons of fun. We played twice in a row and would have played a couple more times if we hadn't had to go get O from school.

E LOVES to play with the cash register!

Putting coins in her piggy bank.

Playing with castle blocks

We saw cows at the fair (and ate cotton candy).

Matching her cats to her cat book

Putting together a cat puzzle.

E dressed as a cat.

E dressed as a cupcake.

We had so much fun with the letter "C." We're skipping around a bit, and we're now on our second week of "P" activities!

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  1. My Geekling has the same Cat book, and the Dog one too. We love Matthew Van Fleet books in this house :)