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Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, Sweet E(2)!

In the midst of all of the drama of Elliott's brain tumor and my fall down the stairs, we are still doing all of the normal and fun things we've always done.  E(2) recently celebrated her half birthday!  She was so excited and proud, and she loved it when we sang "Happy Half Birthday" to her.

Elliott bought a tiny cake for her and put candles in it, and we hung our birthday banner and wore birthday hats.    She kept pointing to the cake and saying "that's my happy half birthday!"  We had a lot of fun.  Sweet O(5) wrapped up one of her miniature American Girl dolls (Josephina) and a quarter for E for her half birthday.  She was SO proud and excited to give E this special gift, and I was touched by her kindness and generosity.

In addition to the cake, we ate half ice-cream sandwiches and started talking in half sentences.  O thought the half sentences were hilarious and then was all pretty funny to Elliott and I.  We have found that we are laughing and enjoying lots of crazy little things (like being silly and talking in half sentences).  This keeps us laughing instead of crying and is good for the kids...we don't want this to be a traumatic or stressful time for them.


  1. How cute! I love the half sentence idea. The ideas presented on your blog are always such an inspiration to me (SAHM of 2 under 5 boys). It's good that your husband is in good spirits and having such fun with you and the girls.
    I am sending you healing, light and peace...

  2. Such a neat idea to celebrate kid's half birthday! I'm happy that you are holding on!