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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

South African Flag Puzzle

Our cultural exchange country for the month of February was South Africa. Our South African studies were disrupted by Elliott's diagnosis, but we've still managed to do some fun South African projects. O(5) loved completing this South African flag puzzle. I printed the flag from Activity Village and laminated it before cutting it. Simple, cheap, fun, and educational!


  1. That's a clever idea, thank you passing it on. We'll be trying this for sure :) (And pinning)

  2. I'm south african and this was so lovely to see in my inbox this morning. What other African crafts are you doing? Are you trying some south african recipes? If you'd like some great ones around. Our old favourite is Melktert (milk tart) and is an egg custard tart which is truly to die for and pretty easy to make. Thanks for reminding me that I need to teach my 19 month old about our heritage.

  3. We made Melkkos which sounds similar to meltert...I'll be posting about that soon!