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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Alphabet Stomp

While Elliott and I were in a hospital far away having his brain tumor removed, the girls stayed with their grandparents for the week (the longest we've ever been away from was so hard).  They had lots of fun playing outside and playing school.  My mom found these large letter cards leftover from her teacher days, and they had fun learning with them all week.

One day after we returned home, I spread the cards out all over the floor of the deck, and we played "Alphabet Stomp!"  I called out letter names or sounds, and the girls found the letters and stomped on them.

After playing for a while, we put the letters in ABC order.

Then we walked along our alphabet path and said the letter names or sounds as we walked.

Lastly, O(5) and I had fun making words with the letter cards.

My favorite thing about this activity was that we did it outside!  I love for our girls to spend as much time outside as possible. They usually spend their outside time digging in the dirt and making various stews and soups out of dirt, sand, gumballs, leaves, etc, but occasionally we'll "play" school, too :)


  1. What a great way to reinforce letter names and sounds while getting outside and moving around! Hope Elliott is recovering well. Renee