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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

World Map Fun with Landmarks and Animals

I bought this world map cloth panel about 6 months ago with the intention of using it in a quilt (I bought it from Walmart for less than 5 dollars). After a few months, I realized that was never going to happen, and I forgot about it for a while. After I bought the landmarks toob, I realized the landmark buildings would be the perfect size for this map. The problem was that I couldn't find the map! I finally found it (about a week before we left for Elliott's surgery), and I cut around the edges with pinking shears (SO much easier than hemming the edges) and introduced the work to the girls!
Both girls LOVE this work! We spread the map out and then we talked about each landmark and it's location before finding the appropriate location on the map. E(2) especially liked it when I gave her animals to use with this map!
The only problem is that the map wrinkles easily if they crawl over it or sit on it. The nicest thing about it is that the map folds up very nicely to fit on our Montessori shelf.
The girls received penguin and arctic toobs for Easter (bought from Pottery Barn kids...on sale and with free shipping!), and I am looking forward to getting home so we can incorporate these animals into our map work!


  1. I have the same fabric. What we did to make it lay easier was take a piece of felt that was the same size and sewed it on. I also attached some ribbon to one end so we can roll it up and tie it closed. The mat is great fun for them, my boys love playing with all the toobs on it.

  2. I love that map, great find! Maybe if you pinned it to that nonskid cabinet stuff it wouldn't move around so much...?

  3. What a wonderful activity. It's always fun to crawl around on the floor while you work! The landmarks are adorable.

  4. what a lovely mat . we got the montessori wall hanging but really kids grew out of it quickly and want more details , How much i envie you all out there for all your findings . maybe like the continent exchange we can do swaps of educational items .OK let me say it differently I want one , can you get it for me Melissa pleaaaaaaaaaaase .
    wonderful work thank you for sharing .viv

  5. Anastasia@healthymamainfo.comApril 13, 2012 at 5:28 PM

    Such a great way to learn things! I'm sure this project will be a huge success in our homeschool preschool!

  6. Great idea! I have the same fabric and I also intended to make a small quilt for sitting on but it never got finished. I have seen these tubes at JoAnn. I'll have to start buying them with my 40% off coupons.

  7. I too have that map fabric, along with the US map version. And like you and a few of the commenters, I haven't made my quilt with it yet. I like the idea of using felt to back it (especially since I have some). This may be the inspiration I need to get it done. Thank you! And I hadn't seen the toob's before but I'm off to look them up!