Chasing Cheerios

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Delicious and Healthy Dinner

Thanks to everyone for your wonderfully kind comments!  You've inspired me to keep this blog going for a while longer.  I've been searching through my pics for inspiration for a post, and since I don't like to show my girls' faces here, I'm having trouble finding any pics that I can use.  So, a food post will work for now :)

My mom recently brought us a bag of Israeli couscous (from Whole Foods), and it was a HUGE hit with the girls.  I cooked it with pesto sauce and added in fresh tomatoes and rotisserie chicken.  E(3) said "I LOVE "raylee" couscous!!!"

Along with the Israeli couscous and pesto, we had avocados, steamed baby carrots and green beans, and oranges.  Both girls ate all of their dinner!


  1. I have enjoyed your blog so much as the Grandma of a 3 y.o. little boy. He has really enjoyed EVERYTHING I have shared/tried w/him,that came from inspiration from your blog. My question is - do you really have to decide one way or the other right now, whether you want to continue the blog or not? Maybe you just need a break, like many parents and/or non-parents do from any activity they have been doing for awhile. I'm not sure how blogs work, as far as having to post on a regular basis or not, but hopefully, you'll give it some (more) thought before you make a definite decision. You are very talented and obviously a very caring and determined parent to give your girls all that you can. In the end, you need to do whatever is best for you and your family. We don't really know where your life and/or career is going right now, so we won't judge either way. Thanks so much for all you've given us! Grandma H.