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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Quick Peek Into Our New Schoolroom

We have had fun having school in our new school room!  It is still chaotic and disorganized, but it's usable.  Here are some pics from the last few weeks of school in the school room.

E(3) LOVES these animal word puzzles.

We all love the bells!

The sandpaper letters are popular with E(3).  Both girls were excited that their American Girl dolls joined us for school!  They have fun making Kit and Kaya ask questions about the lessons.

E(3) is making a house on the geoboard.

O(6) loves math!

Elliott is building shelves for our schoolroom at this very moment, so hopefully it will be organized soon!


  1. The girls are adorable and it looks like this new school room will be a hit! Thanks for the pictures. Renee

  2. Looking forward to a tour of the new room! Always looking for homeschool inspiration!

  3. Yes me too"!!!lol I cant wait to see your tour!! Love to read you again!! and see the girls working!! Hugs

  4. wow was waiting for this post , looking forward for more . So happy for you and girls things are getting more organized .don't make us wait long xxx

  5. Those bells! Gorgeous! Are they matching? I need a set. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pics, as always.

  6. Thanks for the comments! The bells are from hobby lobby. I bought 2 sets and we wear a blindfold when matching them... It's lots of fun!

  7. MY little Noey loves his little mini handbells. He loves making beautiful noise. :)