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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's a Good Thing She's Homeschooled!!!

It's a good thing that my sweet O(7) is homeschooled because she spends much of her school day dancing, spinning, twirling, cartwheeling, back bending, skipping, scootering, climbing, and jumping!

I'm so happy for her that she has the freedom to move as she learns.  She loves to dance as she recites poetry, and she'll often choreograph dances to go along with specific poems.

As a School Psychologist, I spend a lot of time screening kids for ADHD, so while I'm 100% sure O doesn't have ADHD, it wouldn't surprise me if she were referred for an evaluation if she were in typical school.  (Although she's pretty much a ruler follower, so it's likely she would sit still and quietly throughout the day if she were in a typical school).
So, there's another reason why we homeschool!  "Why?" is a frequently asked question, and the reasons are numerous!!!


  1. Such freedom! So beautiful!

  2. Most importantly she is so happy :) while in her "school"!

  3. Thank you so much Melissa for this post xx Tina and O are so alike . it was like writing about my Tina . She loves gymnastics and she is so good with her body she moves all the time , does her spelling , recites her poems while doing cartwheel or head stand . I was told by many well meaning friends she might be ADDH . She did go to school for few weeks at 4 , she was actually too calm and unhappy she didn't even go out at break to play so i knew i had to bring her back home . When grandma or somebody else is around , they would make a comment how she should sit properly to learn , and I sometimes worry and feel she should learn to sit like others for the future . She does sit for her special private one hour lesson with another 2 kids at a friend house , but when she is home with me she is back to her acrobatic ways :) You are encouraging me to let her be . I can see O and T really enjoying themselves on a play date , maybe we should get them to write to each other xxx

  4. Sounds like my daughter! She started kindergarten this year and is not doing well with the "sitting still" thing. Homeschooling is looking like a better and better option...