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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our Week in Review

Finally, after almost a year and a half of homeschooling, I feel like we are really getting the hang of it.  We are finally on a schedule that I love and works well for all of us.  We are getting a lot accomplished and have plenty of time for playing outside and reading aloud.

O(7) enjoyed exploring the continent boxes (Asia and South America).

E(4) loves this magnetic color matching turtle.

E(4) loves the sandpaper letters, and she has gotten good at putting them in order and putting the correct number of bears below each number.

E(4) likes the hammering shapes activity.

E(4) LOVES her writing book!  She loves her schoolwork much more than O does...probably because it's optional for her :)

O(7) takes frequent breaks to dance, do cartwheels, and perform poetry throughout her school day.  During her lessons, she loves to dance and sing out her answers.

Both girls love to work with the pattern blocks.

The girls (especially E) like to draw on the Buddha Board.

O(7) is completing her second year of Rightstart Math, and we love it!  She is now an expert at telling time to the minute...she's does better than I do!

E(4) started matching beads to the numbers this week, and she had fun.  She did well, but she sometimes gets excited and counts faster than her finger can touch the beads :)

We have been studying Van Gogh for a couple of months in our homeschool group, and the girls had fun completing these Van Gogh books this week.

Both girls LOVE the Goobi blocks.

Both girls work with the cuisenaire rods weekly.  O(7) was very proud of her creation!

O(7) spends a lot of time sewing, weaving potholders, and making bracelets.

E(4) uses the moveable alphabet to spell the words from her All About Reading program.

O(7) and my mom are doing free piano lessons online each week, and she LOVES it!

Both girls really enjoy reading a chapter from Story of the World each week.  They color pics from the workbook while I read, and then we do the mapwork together.  They both love completing the mapwork.

In addition to spending about 3 hours a day in our school room, we spent plenty of time outside playing.
The girls love to jump, joggle, and dance on the joggling board.  We spend hours playing in the driveway.  O loves to ride her scooter and bike.  E and I have fun riding the plasma car together, and the 3 of us race together down the driveway.  We also love to go for walks and throw rocks in the lake!

So, here is all the fun we've had.  The thing that hasn't been fun is that the house is always wrecked because I can't figure out how to find the time to clean the house and teach the kids and play outside and read to the kids and cook supper and wash clothes and on and on.


  1. Looks like a fun filled week. Which online piano program do you use?

  2. Love seeing what you are doing! Let us all know if you ever figure out that wrecked house problem because I sure do have that going on here too. Wondering if you are following any kind of lesson plans with O now or is she still free to choose her own work?