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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beads, Bells, and Pipe Cleaner Necklace

O and I had fun making a necklace today out of beads, bells, and pipe cleaners. O was thrilled and very proud of the finished product!
I should have said earlier that O was very closely supervised while making and playing with this necklace. At 19 months old, she still occasionally puts random things in her mouth. A child her age should never have access to beads, bells, etc without an adult right beside them.


  1. I have been trying to figure out how old O is.

  2. She's 19 months old as of Saturday! She's growing up too fast!

  3. She is just a few months younger than my son, then. With all of the things she is doing, I was beginning to wonder if she was several months older.

  4. I need to make a note on this post that O was never unsupervised while making and wearing this necklace. She still occasionally puts random things in her mouth, so she's much to young to play with beads and bells without an adult nearby.