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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Words

O is saying new words everyday, and it is so exciting. Yesterday while playing with her dollhouse she kept saying "ouse, ouse." She's also started calling dogs "dog" instead of "arf, arf." Over the weekend at my mom's house she kept saying "dog, dog, bye" because my sister's dog spent the weekend at my mom's house, and O did NOT like the dog being inside. (He's a HUGE german shepard). She must have told that dog bye a thousand times in the hope that he would just leave. It was pretty funny. O is copying a lot of things we say. Yesterday she said her version of boards while we had carpenters here making our deck toddler safe. She says "ants" when she sees ants on her "ise" (slide). Then she makes a sweeping motion with her hand and says "shoo, mama" because she wants me to sweep them off her slide. A couple of days ago, I dropped something and said "oh, crap," and O immediately said "cap." Oops. She says "ap" for apple and "buff" means so many things - puff snacks, Puff the Magic Dragon, toilet paper, etc. She says "dark" when we walk into a dark room, and yesterday she said "ight" when she wanted me to turn on the light. "Eh-oh" is a favorite whenever anything is not right. Whenever she sees litter on the side of the road, she says "eh-oh, eh-oh." I've GOT to start taking my trash bag and picking up litter, but I never remember until we're way down the road. She also loves to say "theyitis" whenever she finds what she is looking for. This is all just so much fun!

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