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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Felt Board

Each night after O goes to sleep, I lay out different activities for her to do in the morning. I try to have a different activity for each morning of the week although sometimes we repeat activities during the week. Usually, its just a matter of taking a toy off the shelf and setting it up for play. For some reason, she rarely gets her toys off the shelf, but she likes them if they are set up on the table for her. The one exception is her rainbow stacker, but that's another post. One of tomorrow's morning activities is this felt board. We worked with it yesterday on a mat, and O had fun dressing the girls. I hope she'll be excited to see it in the morning. O was excited to see the felt board Wednesday morning. She loves the felt dolls. She picked one of them up, patted it, and took it with her to play in the rice pit. Funny girl!

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