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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Storytime at the Library

O and I went to storytime at our local library today. We went a few months ago, and I have been meaning to go back ever since, but there is always some reason we can't go until today. There was only one other child there, but that was fine. O was a litte shy at first, but she enjoyed herself and warmed up to the librarian and other child after a little while. She enjoyed listening to the books, but her favorite part was the music. The librarian played music and did fingerplays, and every time a song ended O said "more, more." She loved it! I was so afraid that O would try to push the books that the librarian was reading away because she loves to read, but she likes to read what SHE wants to read. I told her several times before we left our house that the librarian got to choose the book, and she had to listen nicely. Thank goodness she behaved! I've started taking turns with her and letting mommy choose a book occasionally so that she'll realize that she doesn't always get her way. I have to do this with new books because otherwise she would never give them a chance, and they often turn out to be her favorites. After storytime we went to a nearby playground. O loved playing on the "ise" (slide).

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