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Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Morning

We've had a busy Monday morning. Here are few of the highlights: O loves her wooden food that she can cut. She needs a little help holding the knife, but she does a pretty good job. This is especially fun since the set includes some of her favorite foods-watermelon and tomatoes! This was our first activity of the day, and O chose it by herself. As soon as I said the word "activity" she ran and got the mat. I was surprised and pleased!
I introduced O to painting with watercolors today. She thought it was fun to wear her daddy's old shirt. She also really liked dipping her paintbrush into the water. She wasn't too impressed with the paint because it was hard to get the paint onto the brush. She had more fun just painting the paper with water.
O got pretty upset when I picked up the rooster mat to put it away. I knew immediately that she wanted to play with playdoh since the rooster is also our playdoh mat (Thanks Cousin Anne! Did you know this cutting mat would be so versatile?) O was thrilled to play with the playdoh, and I was excited that she played with it so well independently since independent play is something we've been working on.

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