Chasing Cheerios

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Arranging Wooden Flowers Again

I decided after some input from other mamas that the wooden flower arranging work was a little too difficult for O right now. I thought I'd put the work on a shelf out of O's sight and reach. However, my little monkey is taller than I realized. She stood on her tiptoes and somehow reached the wooden vase (I'm really not sure how she even saw it) and brought it to me and said "mo." She tried to reach the flowers, but couldn't. When she was trying to reach them, she stood on her tiptoes and said "each, each" (reach, reach). I got 3 flowers for her to put in the vase. It took lots of concentration and effort, but she put the 3 flowers in the vase. She asked for "more," but she was distracted by something and we put it away. I was glad she was distracted and didn't want to do more because I think that it would have been too much for her.


  1. Apparently the girl likes a challenge. :)

  2. I have not had a chance to present this with Josh yet, so my new idea is to save it until next week and have him arrange 4 small bouquets to decorate our table for Easter. The Grandmothers will rave and he will beam. Thanks for the inspiration!