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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mr. Potato Head

I bought O a box of Disneyland themed Mr. Potato Head accessories for her souvenir from our trip to Disneyland. In one of the shops they have a Mr. Potato Head station set up where you can fill a box with as many items as you can fit as long as the box closes on one side. I had the best time filling O's box (she was napping in her stroller), and I managed to get almost 40 accessories into the box. O didn't have a Mr. Potato Head, but I didn't want to waste room by getting the actual potato. Luckily, Guh-guh had a potato head stashed away in a closet that she said we could have. O and I had lots of fun making different potato heads today. I think I enjoyed it more than her since most of the accessories have no meaning for her since she has never seen a disney movie or read any disney books (other than Winnie the Pooh). I'm sure that we are going to have lots of fun with this in the future and maybe one day I'll let her watch a Disney movie :)

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