Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too Much Water

O had a great time playing with water today. She soaked it up with a sponge and then squeezed it out, and she drank the water from the measuring cup.

Then she decided it would be a good idea to pour the ENTIRE container of water over her head and all over everything. There were about 2 gallons of water in the container and all of it headed towards the lowest part of the room which is behind the refrigerator. I just found out that it even leaked through the ceiling downstairs. Hmmm. Maybe we'll play with water on the deck from now on.


  1. Oh no! What a mess! We only use rice inside! I have tried sand but rice is soooo much easier to clean up!

  2. This so looks like something my daughter would do!! Sorry about the mess - try to remember she had fun. :)