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Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Monkey on her Back

We used the Monkey on your Back toddler harness while at Disneyland and the zoo. It worked great, and it allowed O to have the freedom to explore independently that we otherwise would not have allowed her in these settings. We only used it when we were in crowded situations where she could potentially get away from us quickly. She loved it! Since she loves riding on my back in the Beco, she thought it was especially cool to have a monkey riding on her back.


  1. We have that same monkey - we refer to the monkey as "Walking Monkey." If you want to walk, you need walking monkey. :)

  2. Good idea, and thanks for the comment :)

  3. We have it too. It's great. He loves wearing just the backpack part. Sometimes he wears it around the house all day. The other day he wanted to take it to bed with him.