Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

O's Favorites

We have been super busy around here (although I'm not even sure what we've been doing!), so I don't have any pictures of new activities. I thought I'd share a few of O's favorite things, and I hope some of you will share your child's favorite things.

Favorite foods- avocados, watermelon, bananas, cheese, olives, tomatoes, pickled okra :), cheerios, goldfish crackers, spaghetti (my girl loves to eat!)

Library book (this week)- Llama llama mad at mama

Clothing- shoes and hats (She LOVES shoes and hats!)

Toy- Mr. Potato Head, playdoh, & new baby doll (from Sabrina)

Work- matching cards

Drink- water and mama milkies

Rhyme- Hickory, Dickory Dock & Wheels on the Bus

Outside activity- riding in her wagon and sliding

Nighttime activity- painting in the tub before bathtime

So....what are your child's favorites?


  1. I like your photo at the top of the blog. Very sweet!

  2. here is BabyEbi's list...

    Favorite foods- anything, loves veg and fruit and meat and rice, bread....

    book (this week)- Mr Seahorse by Eric Carle

    Clothing- dinosaur shirt

    Toy- drawing board, dino lego

    Work- painting, mixing colours

    Drink- water and mama milkies

    Rhyme- song Elvis ain't dead by Scouting for Girls

    Outside activity- blowing bubbles

    Nighttime activity- reading books

    maybe I should put this on my blog.

  3. Thanks! What a great list! We haven't read Mr. Seahorse yet, but we love Eric Carle, so we'll have to check it out. You've reminded me that I need to blow bubbles with O soon. She loves it, but we haven't done it in a while. Its good to see another toddler who loves mama milkies :)