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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Party Time!!!

We had a fun time preparing and partying at the girls' grandparents house for an early Halloween party!  My mom is addicted to Pinterest, and she went all out with her Pinterest plans :)

The girls have been helping her decorate all month.  They love the Halloween tree on the deck.  They decorated pumpkins to hang on the tree.

They acted out many plays and incorporated this cat into their scenes.

They had fun making the yearly ghost tree.

O(6) is proud of this candy witch that she helped make.  They are going to guess how many pieces are in the jar, and then count them.

This jack o'lantern jar is decorated with crepe paper streamers and decoupage.

E(3) LOVES these candy corn figures.  This is her "candy corn castle"!

The girls and their grandpa worked hard to bag leaves in jack o'lantern bags to decorate the yard.  The girls loved jumping on the bags during the party.

We made footprint ghost to decorate the house.

My mom bought foam pumpkins for each girl to decorate.  They wrote their names and the year on the bottom, and she'll keep them to decorate with every year.

I had a lot of fun decorating these clementines using a sharpie marker (and O was way impressed with my skills!).  I don't think anyone ate any of them at the party, but we'll have fun eating them for the next few days :)

O(6) and I worked together to make a duct tape spiderweb.  She was skeptical at first, but then she was eventually able to see the web.  I said "I'm good, right?" and she said "You're not're AWESOME!"  I really love that kid :)  And I'm really glad that she didn't notice or care that the web is really lopsided!

They had fun balancing on the web and picking up spider rings with their toes.  They also loved playing hopscotch on it and said it was the best part of the party!

These ghosts are made from balloons covered with white sheets.  My mom drew on the eyes using a sharpie marker.

She wrapped Christmas lights in bubble wrap before putting them in this treat bucket.  It looked great and was so simple!

She made these ghosts using upside down tomato cages, Christmas lights, and sheets.

E(3) was really proud to decorate the spider tree with plastic spider rings.

Here are some more tissue paper and decoupage jars that my mom made last year.

The backyard pumpkin patch.

I love these tiny plastic pumpkins.  Mom put battery operated tea lights in them to make them glow like real jack o'lanterns.

There was so much food!  We all ate until we felt sick!  (In addition to the food pictured, she made a delicious white bean chicken chili.)

My sister dipped Nutter Butters into melted white chocolate and put chocolate chips for the eyes to make these cute ghost cookies.

A witches brew of candy corn...yummy!

O(6) was really proud to make the sign for the pumpkin poop!

Pimento cheese on pumpkin shaped bread

Yummy snack mix!

Orange forgotten cookies...they just don't taste quite right when they're orange.

Rice crispy treat pumpkins

ghost poop

My sister made this yummy jack o'lantern cheese ball.

E(3) loved the olives on the jack o'lantern veggie tray.

Ice hands floating in the cranberry juice punch.  Mom made the ice hands by filling latex gloves with water and freezing them.

One of our guests brought these yummy treats...pretzels topped with rolos and m and m's!

We forgot to cut and eat this cake, but it still looked super cute with the googly eyes.  And E(3) had fun making this chocolate pumpkin cake with her Guhguh!

It was a great party!  Thanks G and G!!!


  1. You guys did go all out! Looks like a lot of fun, and so many great ideas!

  2. Wow, I can really feel the Halloween spirit. So much fun stuff for the kids. I miss candy corn. We don't have it here where I'm living. All I did for Halloween deco with my kids were draw and paint some bats for their wall :) So lame compared to what you guys did :)

  3. What cute halloween party photos
    I loved the wood candy corn blocks
    the pretty pumpkin lights. I love glowing Halloween.

    I went went to Halloween in one day. I still have to do Halloween Baking I promised them. Maybe I should the baking tomorrow.

  4. That is awesome! I'm not even that "in" to Halloween, but I am completely inspired by such a large number of Halloween-themed decorations and food!