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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Clean Color Mixing

The girls and I had fun mixing red and yellow paint to make orange a couple of weeks ago! 

To do this activity, I squirted red paint in one side of a gallon zip lock bag and yellow in the opposite corner.  I sealed the bag and taped it to the table. 

The girls liked mashing and squishing the bag to mix the colors. 

O(6) eventually took the tape off the bag so she could roll it and squish it all around.

She wrote messages on the bag for me to read.

They both loved this activity, and I loved that it was so simple and there was no clean-up!  The idea for this activity came via Pinterest, various blogs, and children's craft's an oldie, but goodie :)


  1. Love this!! That is one of those "how did I not think of this" great ideas. I've always had the mess of paint on little hands (which kids don't mind, but when it gets on clothes, their parents mind!) Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea! Renee

  2. This looks fun! I am constantly wishing I had some simple activities that my girls would enjoy. We are going to have to try this one out.