Chasing Cheerios

Monday, October 15, 2012

Our First Halloween Work

This simple and fun Halloween work has been on our shelves for a few weeks, and E(3) has really had fun with it.

 I bought the jack o'lantern cup from The Dollar General.  E puts the toothpicks into the straw one at a time.
This work teaches concentration and attention to detail, and it is good practice for developing her fine motor skills.

She preferred to pick up a bunch of the toothpicks at one time, so I prompted her to pick up just one at a time.  She's looking into the straw to see the toothpicks.  This was a fun and simple work...the best kind!


  1. I love it. So simple and so festive.

  2. This is great ... simple yet appealing! I featured your photo and post in my Montessori-Inspired Halloween Activities post at