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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a wonderful Halloween, but I am SO glad that October is over!  Phew!  We have a family history of having traumatic Octobers, and this one was no exception.  Thank goodness there was lots of good mixed in with the bad :)

We spent our morning at the Montessori school baking pumpkin bread (in cool and so much fun!), decorating pumpkins with stickers, eating yummy snacks, and parading in their costumes.

I love the paper towel ghost juice box!

E(3) is working on making a fall tree with her carrots, craisins, and pretzels.  What a fun idea!

Here is E's pumpkin bread from a can...deeeelicious!!!!!!!!!!

After leaving the school, we spent the day with our family getting ready for a big night of partying/trick or treating.  My sister lives on the best street for trick or treating, so she hosted the whole crew.  Thanks, Mem!!!

I love the ghost that she has hanging from her chandelier.

I also love this wood block jack o'lantern painted by my niece.  I think I'll have my girls paint some like this next year.

Love the tissue paper and decoupage lanterns all around the house.

We all ate too much.  Here are some of the goodies.

Hatshepsut and Nefertiti had fun trick or treating, but spent most of their time handing out candy to others.  E(3) (aka Hatshepsut) took her job very seriously and would chase down children, open their bags, and drop candy in them.

I kept feeling like someone was watching me...

After the candy ran out, the girls had a great time playing glow stick bowling!

What a fun night!  Thanks, Mem!

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