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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our New School Room...In Progress

Our long awaited school room is FINALLY in progress!  I can't wait to get everything set-up and organized!     I'm sure it will be a couple of months before things are finished and set-up the way I want them to be, but just the idea of having space to organize is making me feel giddy :)

Here's a peek...

Pretty exciting, right?


  1. I am doing only part time home schooling right now and I am amazed you are doing a full school room.

    I would eventually like to get a couple of desks and a rocking chair and a book bin

  2. I can hardly wait to help you organize!!! How exciting!!

  3. WOW its huge :) your going to love it!!! hope you post updates!

  4. cant see the picture

  5. That is going to be an awesome space! :D

  6. Sooo exciting!!! I cant wait to see what you going to do there!!!!