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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Spark Super Story Starters

Here is the promised review of Spark! Super Story Starters...

Both of our girls have really enjoyed coming up with stories based on the questions and pictures from these cards.  I was surprised when E(3) was so eager to participate (since she would only copy O's stories with our other Spark! cards).

A few days ago during our school time, I chose a card and asked O(6) to draw a picture story based on the question on the card.  I was surprised to see that she decided to copy the question.  This child detested writing of any kind just a few months ago, but now she is self-assigning herself copywork with more and more frequency.

She then took the card and her paper to the light box, so that she could trace the fairy onto her paper. She loved tracing the fairy, and she was VERY proud of the end result.

After she finished tracing the fairy, she drew a purple giraffe.

She told a story to go along with her picture...I wish I'd recorded or written down her story.  It was short, but sweet.  O really loved this activity, and I'm looking forward to using these cards to set up various "works" for the girls in our new school room.

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