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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Studying Ancient China

We recently read a chapter on Ancient China in our Story of the World (SOTW) book.  The girls and I had fun reading books about China, eating at a Chinese restaurant, and doing a few other fun things based on China.

E(3) wasn't interested in wearing the Chinese outfit, so O(6) squeezed into it.  She had fun practicing her bows.

They drank hot tea from bowls and learned to write with a brush and ink.  O is using an ink stick (from our Ancient China Treasure Chest) to make ink.

We found China on our Smartglobe and listened to the national anthem.  Both girls LOVE this globe!

We looked at China via Google Earth and zoomed in on the Great Wall of China.

We read about Chinese children in our Children Just Like Me book.  Both girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book!

We loved reading Ms. Frizzle's Adventures in Imperial China.

Both girls really like The Seven Chinese Brothers. 

That's about it for Ancient China.  It was fun, and we all learned a lot!

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  1. Love it! We study Mandarin in our home. Thanks for the inspiration.